Lip Factory By Color Tailor Smart Factory System: New 2021


Lip Factory by Color Tailor is CES’s award-winning integrated online-offline lip makeup manufacturing system. The fascinating thing about this technology is how it completely eases the process of lip coloring and provides users with an entirely customized experience.

First, the artificial intelligence-assisted application uses AI to recommend and create custom lip colors for users in real-time. The entire technology uses a unique algorithm backed by deep learning to analyze the facial features of a user and then processes individual recommendations, respectively. It has the rare ability to create over two-thousand makeup lip color shades.

The award-winning team behind this innovation is still working to integrate more features and make improvements in key areas like convenience and accessibility. Currently, the technology is available at the Amore Seongsu flagship store in Seoul, Korea.

The lip makeup market accounts for a quarter of the USD 72.3 billion that makes up the global color makeup market. Its rapid shift in trend is its most distinguishing factor. This technology looks like one that will influence the curve severely in favor of the lip makeup market as soon as it goes mainstream.

Meanwhile, Amorepacific seems to have solved a major problem for a majority of customers with this recent invention. Many customers experience difficulty choosing the products they need, even though manufacturers propose the latest trends and try to release limited products to this effect. However, coupled with its smartphone compatibility (Android, IOS), Color Tailor incorporates AI to provide users with the most suitable lip color suggestions based on survey and the user’s skin tone.

To add to that, Lip Factory (Color Tailor’s integrated makeup pigment dispenser) can produce the desired user-customized lip makeup color immediately. This unique mix of functionality and versatility virtually makes Lip Color the world’s very first Smart Makeup Factory System with the exclusive ability to customize lip makeup to user’s specific needs and in real-time.

The whole idea and primary aim of Amorepacific’s new invention are to help users all around the world to put their best faces forward, especially during important virtual meetings, for instance, and beyond. We can recall how virtual meetings quickly transitioned into becoming the new normal in 2020. Well, they show no signs of slowing down—at least not anytime soon.

With virtual meetings like video conferences quickly becoming an integral part of society and the world of business today, it is important to look truly presentable always. Amorepacific thinks users can achieve this without making too much effort. Even though video conferencing solutions like Zoom, etc., offer users some features to enhance their looks, there’s only just a little you can achieve with lighting and video filters. However, Color Tailor and Lip Factory provide users with the ability to actually improve their physical appearance. This way, users can look more polished and professional, not only in virtual meetings but in real life also. What you see is what you get—I like to think of it as a tangible WYSIWYG beauty tech. Amorepacific’s Color Tailor is doubtless one of the major beauty tech highlights of 2021.

Apart from the apparent beauty benefits that users stand to gain from Color Tailor and Lip Factory, one other noteworthy characteristic of the duo is sustainable technologies. Lip Factory helps to cut down on manufacturers’ lip color production carbon print and the huge carbon prints that amount from transporting them across the globe. With its ready-to-go services, Lip Factory not only provides users with efficient lip color solutions but also provides them with net-zero carbon-free products. This goes a long way in helping Color Tailor users to take one more positive step towards carbon neutrality individually and at an industrial level.

With the future of many industries shifting rapidly towards ease, efficiency, AI, and sustainability, Amorepacific’s Lip Factory by Color Tailor is doubtless another step in the right direction for the makeup industry. The technology looks to provide scalable solutions to major pain points from both the customer and manufacturer perspectives. Thanks to some Deep Learning and versatile Artificial Intelligence, Lip Factory by Color Tailor offers meaningful inputs to the makeup industry in terms of ease, efficiency, sustainability, and more. From its first release in August 2020 until date, Lip Factory by Color Tailor no doubt remains one of the major beauty tech highlights of 2021.