SlickPie: Free Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Free Automation Tools:
Automation is a massive priority with SlickPie free accounting software. Consumers can benefit from incredible automation tools, with practically no fees, such as automated payment notifications. These notifications allow companies to schedule messages to send to customers for any particular day of the month. Auto-recurring invoices are now accessible so that consumers can appreciate the ease of not having to enter all payment details regularly repeatedly month. After a month, they would like they can easily arrange invoices being sent on and on to the different customers with much the same terms of service. SlickPie is the only free accounting program that provides a built-in automated data entry tool called MagicBot, enabling companies to automatically enter all the details from their refunds and bills in SlickPie without any effort, saving time and money.

SlickPie overview:
SlickPie is an online accounting program free and easy to use for freelancers, entrepreneurs and all rising small businesses. Payment and transactions online have never been so simple. Slickpie provides a centralized financial management tool to manage invoices, expenses, and taxes. Data is collected and analyzed via clear and understandable maps, graphs, and sent dashboard reports. For regular invoices and payment of bills; you can also enable automatic notifications and have them all paid online through PayPal or Stripe. The MagicBot purpose also serves as an assistant for data entry that can minimize workloads in handling numbers and figures. You can also upload documents to the system, allowing you to fully paperless go through the accounting processes. And because SlickPie is cloud-based, anytime and anywhere, and you can easily retrieve the data. At the very same time, it can also help numerous businesses and unlimited consumers.

Advantages of SlickPie:
Here are some main advantages of SlickPie
Comprehensive reports:
SlickPie is an accounting programme with several functions to keep track of various aspects of financial operations. Sales, taxes, prices, expenses, invoices, and many others. These compiled data are then processed and condensed into readable reports that users can see immediately upon signing into the application. To quickly visualize the patterns and recognize problems, the dashboard includes tables and diagrams. It also streams online bank streams to assist you in future planning. You are aware of your current financial results and act quickly on aspects that need to be strengthened.
Provide access and permission to other people:
In reality, several freelancers and small businesses engage a skilled accountant and let them manage all their financial for them. You can give your account permission and authorization to anyone on the cloud. The hired person can monitor your records and accounts anywhere across. Put such tips into effect now and get paid more easily with SlickPie today.

Automated alerts notifications system:
Auto alerts may be set up about accrued invoices and transfer of funds. Also, without the user’s promptings, consumers are automatically contacted about transaction dues. For recurrent invoices, this is ideal for keeping cash flows on board. Similarly, it gives you reminders about your expenses. With PayPal or Stripe, the solution can be implemented such that payments can be made online immediately.

Safe and secure:
Indeed, it is essential to ensure that everything is safe and protected while you are concerned with online business issues. With each day, cyber criminals are getting smarter, but so is anti-theft engineering and technology. When you are using cloud-based online financial statement, since all your data will be backed up on a stable and 100% secure cloud-based server, you do not need to worry about protection and well-being. All the data makes backup so there would be no need to worry if you were to lose anything significant, as you could easily access the cloud, refer back to the current backup, and retrieve everything you wanted and then.

The features document loading:
SlickPie allows you to import documents into the framework to go paperless every time you like you. The solution combines all the necessary files with a single platform and eliminates the burden of continually going through piles of paperwork. These records are given access at anytime and anywhere with its cloud-based functionality. By combining this with SlickPie’s MagicBot, it is also possible to securely compilation and store critical data in the device.